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Home Hunter Report Update: New BER Information and Estimated Energy Costs

With the ongoing cost of living and cost of energy crisis in Ireland, it is essential when you are buying a new home or property that you have a good indicator of potential energy costs to run your home.

The Building Energy Rating (BER) calculation was developed for Ireland and takes into account the Irish climate, construction types, heating systems and occupancy patterns. Anyone selling a second-hand home in Ireland must provide a BER Certificate. This rating, combined with the size of the property, is the best indicator of potential costs you may incur throughout a year to heat that property.

In our latest update to the Home Hunter Report we have added a dedicated section for:

  1. BER information for the property

  2. Estimated fuel costs for each BER rating based on the property size

  3. Tips on how to improve the BER rating of a property

As homeowners ourselves, we understand just how expensive heating a home can be, so we're extra excited about this update and we know it is going to help people buy with full knowledge and with confidence!

To get your own Home Hunter Report, just go back to and enter the Eircode of the property for sale.

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