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Moving to Dublin? Here are all the ways to get around the city!

Dublin is the capital and largest city of Ireland, and it has a well-developed public transport system that includes buses, trains, and trams (The Luas). As well as some other options. Here are some of the ways you can get around the city and its suburbs:


The main bus operator in Dublin is Dublin Bus, which runs an extensive network of bus routes throughout the city and suburbs. There are also several smaller private bus companies that operate in the city.

Buses in Dublin are relatively frequent and reliable, and they run from early morning until late at night with some routes now offering a 24-hour service. You can pay for your journey using cash or a Leap Card, which is a prepaid card that can be used on all public transport in the city.


The Luas is Dublin's light rail system, which consists of two lines: the Green Line and the Red Line. The Green Line runs from Bray and Sandyford in the south of the city to Broombridge in the north, while the Red Line runs from The Point in the city center to Saggart in the southwest.

The Luas is a convenient way to get around the city, and it has frequent services, with trams running every few minutes at peak times. You can pay for your journey using cash or a Leap Card.


The DART (Dublin Area Rapid Transit) is a suburban railway network that runs along the coast of Dublin Bay, from Greystones in the south to Howth and Malahide in the north. It's a quick and convenient way to travel to the suburbs and coastal towns north of the city.


Taxis are widely available in Dublin, and you can hail one on the street or book one in advance by phone or app. There are several reputable taxi companies in the city, and all taxis are licensed and regulated by the National Transport Authority.


Dublin has a bike-sharing scheme called Dublinbikes, which has over 100 stations located throughout the city center. You can rent a bike for a small fee and return it to any Dublinbikes station when you're done. Alternatively, you can pay for an annual subscription, and for rentals less than 30 minutes, the cost is zero!

It's a convenient and eco-friendly way to get around the city and you get the added bonus of getting some fresh air and exercise!

On foot

Dublin is a relatively small and compact city, and many of its main attractions are within walking distance of each other. Walking is a great way to explore the city and see its sights, and it's also good for your health and the environment.

Depending on what areas you are considering buying or renting in, you could be able to do most of your getting around on foot!


The day you move to Dublin, get yourself a leap card and top it up. This will let you get on any bus, LUAS or train to get around.


When you are moving to a new city or town, knowing the public transport options is vital! A Home Hunter Report takes the first step for you and shows you local bus and train stations and how far they are from the property.

In addition, we pull information from over 15 different sources giving you everything you need to know about the property or area so you can proceed with confidence!

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