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Moving to Tallaght? Here is our Home Hunter Report Guide to the Dublin Suburb

Tallaght is a suburb of Dublin. It is located South West in County Dublin and is the largest town in the county. Tallaght is known for its convenient location, as it is just a short drive or public transportation ride away from the city center of Dublin.

The area has a population of around 75,000 people and is considered a diverse and multicultural community. The suburb has a range of amenities including shops, restaurants, parks, and entertainment venues. It is also home to a large hospital, Tallaght Hospital, and is known for the Tallaght Campus of the Technicnologial University Dublin (Formerly ITT or Institute of Technology, Tallaght) which is a leading third-level education institution in Ireland.

Tallaght has a good public transportation system and is served by several bus routes, as well as by the Luas Red Line, which connects it to the city center and other parts of Dublin.

The housing cost is relatively cheaper than Dublin city, and is more affordable for some people who are looking for a place to live but also provides easy access to the city.

Housing in Tallaght

Like most parts of Ireland, Tallaght is suffering from a severe shortage of housing. However, there is still a very wide range of properties available.

At the time of writing this, there are 115 properties listed for Sale in Tallaght with asking prices ranging from €150,000 (1-bed apartment) to €450,000 (4-bed house) Similar properties in other parts of Dublin county can go for 2 or even 3 times those prices.

Tallaght has seen extensive house building from the 1960s around Tallaght village to the new estates stretching as far as Kiltipper and Citywest. For the last 15 years, the number of apartment buildings in Tallaght has also seen an increase.

Glenview Park in Tallaght with a view of the Dublin Mountains

Local Property Tax Rates

Tallaght's local authority is South Dublin County Council. Since Local Property Tax was introduced, the council has consistently voted to give the maximum possible discount under the law of 15%. So all properties in Tallaght get a 15% deduction.

Example: If your property is valued at €380k, the Local Property Tax would normally be €405. However, since SDCC gives a reduced rate of 15%, you would pay €344.25 or just under €29 per month.

Employment in Tallaght

From what was once a small village on the outskirts of Dublin surrounded by farmland, Tallaght has grown to become one of the largest employing towns in the country.

The Square shopping center employs thousands of retail workers and the

South Dublin County Council located just beside The Square directly and indirectly employs thousands of people.

Tallaght University Hospital which has close to 600 beds also employs in the thousands.

As you move throughout Tallaght, you'll find dozens of retail and business parks with every possible business you can imagine from tech companies to pharmaceuticals to building suppliers, publishers, media companies, and everything in between.

Tallaght is also well served by local enterprise parks which support small and new businesses. The most recent of which is The Edge which was opened by Tainaiste Leo Varadkar in 2022.

Because of this huge range of businesses and jobs, Tallaght has also become a commuter destination in its own right, with people traveling from all surrounding counties to work here.

Amenities in Tallaght


Tallaght is dotted with every major retails and is the home to the head office and flagship stores of both Lidl and Dunnes Stores. You'll also find Tesco, Lidl and dozens of smaller stores.

The Square also boasts over 100 stores ranging from clothing to bookstores and electronics.


If takeaways are your thing, Tallaght has over 100. With every cuisine, you can think of. Sitdown restaurants are more scarce, however, there are a few nice spots perfect for brunch or a quiet dinner.

You'll also find a wide range of pubs serving some of the best pub grub in Dublin.

Pubs and Clubs

Since the collapse of the Celtic Tiger, the clubbing scene in Tallaght has become non-existent with all its nightclubs shuttering their doors.

However, you'll find some excellent late-night pubs with live bands and DJs. The Old Mill has hosted some of Ireland's most popular small venue bands and is a favorite with locals.

If you are more into a quiet pint or catching up with friends to watch the match, you'll be spoiled for choice. Tallaght is loaded with great quality pubs with big screens and serving delicious pints!

Sports Clubs & Gyms

Tallaght has a huge range of sporting clubs from GAA, to Football, Rugby, Running, Swimming, and everything in between.

Tallaght is home to Tallaght Stadium, the home of Shamrock Rovers and The National Basketball Arena.

The town is also home to at least 6 popular gyms.

Medical Facilities

Tallaght University Hospital is located right beside The Square and Luas line.

There are numerous community health care centers located throughout Tallaght and dozens of GPs.

Tallaght is currently suffering from a lack of GPs and wait times can be several days.

Commuting from Tallaght

Tallaght has definitely established itself as a leading commuter town with many options for getting in and out of Dublin City and other parts of Dublin

By Bus

It is served by over 7 different bus routes which will connect to Dublin City (27, 77a, 54a, 65, 65b, 49, 56a) as well as the 75 and 75a which connect to Dun Laoghaire, 76 and 76a which will get you to Liffey Valley & Blancherstown and the 175 which will get you to Dundrum and UCD.

Currently, there are very few bus lanes in Tallaght and so journey times on busses are heavily impacted by traffic. However, the new Bus Connects scheme includes several new corridors connecting Tallaght with the City Center and so over the next few years, this is likely to improve.

By Luas

Tallaght (The Square) is one of the 2 end destinations on the Red Line (The other being Saggart) which connects to Connolly/The Point in the city.

The Luas is generally pretty packed during rush hours and when leaving town it is not uncommon to have to wait for a second Luas if the first is full. If you are going right in as far as the IFSC from The Square, it can take around an hour.

However, it has the added benefit of being regular and consistent - apart from when there is an accident or breakdown that it!

By Car

The boundary of Tallaght is right on the M50 and depending on where you are, exits 10 (Ballymount), 11 (Tallaght) & 12 (Firhouse) all provide easy access.

The N81, or "Tallaght by-pass", cuts right through Tallaght, and the N7 "Naas Road" is also very accessible. Both roads will take you right into the center of the city.

This also means no matter where you are in Tallaght, you can be on a major road in a matter of minutes and so it gives you very convenient access to Dublin Airport and the rest of the country via the motorway network.

Unfortunately, like most parts of Dublin, Tallaght can come to a standstill during rush hours in the morning and evening, particularly during school terms. This can change the duration of driving into Dublin City Center from under 20 minutes with no traffic to over an hour in some cases.

By Bike

If you are traveling into the city center from Tallaght, you'll find bike paths or bus lanes along most of the N81/N80 routes. There are a few points along the way where less experienced cyclists may struggle but once you take your time, follow the rules of the road and make yourself very visible to motorists and pedestrians, it is a relatively safe route.

Cycling into the city is also a breeze as it is mostly downhill and so during rush hour, it is likely the fastest way into the city center, even if you are taking your time.

Cycling back to Tallagh is more of a challenge as it is mostly uphill. If you cycle for fitness, this is where you'll burn those calories!

Cyclists will also benefit from the bus connect scheme which will improve the number of dedicated cycle paths along several routes to the city.

Schools in Tallaght

Tallaght is home to over 30 primary-level schools and at least 10 secondary-level schools of various denominations.

There are several gaelscoil options across both primary and post-primary levels.

Technological University Dublin, Tallaght offers a huge range of courses across science, business, finance, arts, technology and humanities.

There are numerous childcare facilities across the area, although these have been under severe pressure for places over the last number of years and many have waiting lists in place.

Broadband in Tallaght

Tallaght is very well served by Broadband with over 99% of properties having access to 1Gb/s Speeds.

Example of some of the Broadband Networks, Packages and speeds available in Tallaght

Flood Risk in Tallaght

Tallaght is based on several rivers, most notably the Dodder and Poddle. However, due to its terrain, large-scale flood events are very rare. Although local spot flooding does happen on occasion, this is not serious enough to affect most properties and people very rarely have issues with finding home insurance.

Map of Flood Risk in Tallaght from

Our Verdict?

Tallaght has everything a family needs right on its doorstep. It's packed full of clubs and facilities and has a number of excellent schools.

For people working in Dublin City, it provides adequate commuting options. It has great access to major road networks and is just minutes away from the Dublin mountains.

The housing market here is competitive and house prices have increased significantly over the last 5 years. However, for value for money or cost per square meter, it is one of the cheapest locations in Dublin. So for many people who may want to stay close to Dublin but have been priced out of another area, this is a great option.


If you are researching properties to buy in Tallaght, or anywhere else in Ireland make sure you check out Home Hunter Report. We produce a report for you with everything you need to know about the property so that you can proceed with confidence.

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