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Why do you need a Home Hunter Report?

It's property research made easy! We save you up to 10 hours of research. It's hassle-free, in-depth and easy to read.

However much you love a property, the surrounding area has a significant bearing on how enjoyable it is to live somewhere. For this reason, we work with leading data providers to bring you all the important information you need for moving home with confidence.

We've jammed-packed the report with the usual information to make your decision easier. 

What will the report tell me

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Who is the report for?

The Home Hunter Report is designed for anyone on the house buying journey who is looking for more information on a property.​

We think the ideal time to get a report is a few days before you go to a viewing to arm you with extra information, but the report will add value at any stage of your journey. 

Perfect for first-time buyers, down-sizers or those interested in buying a second property. 

The objective of the report is simple: provide you with as much public information as possible about the property and area so that you can make an informed decision on whether or not this is the right property for you!

What does the Home Hunter Report include?


A summary of the property type and configuration


Information on property size and freehold / leasehold status


Information on broadband connectivity and providers


Information on TV providers available in the area


Local county council and property tax information


Flood risk and flood plain information


Information on local schools in the area


Details on local public transportation 


A summary of previous sale prices and dates from the Property Price Register


An overview of phone coverage from the leading providers in the area


Overview of local planning applications and recent decisions in the area


A list of the top 10 takeaway restaurants in the area!

What to do with the information?

Our reports are easy to read – but we also provide advice and guidance on how to use the information for your own needs within them.

A report highlights the positives as well as the negatives, helping you to make a balanced and well-informed decision. It’s designed to help you move with confidence and get a better deal in the process. 

It should be a deciding factor when it comes to knowing when to make an offer, walk away, or negotiate a house price lower. The information included can be highly useful when it comes to haggling, as they’ll give you a feel for how much a home is actually worth.

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Property Tech Insider

This report will save you time and money, especiually for anyone moving to an area they are not familiar with. 

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New Build Marketing Director

An absolute must purchase and time saving tool for anyone looking to buy a new build house.

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Forward Thinking Solicitor

This is a great resource for my clients to review before they likely make the biggest financial purchase of their lives. A simple but detailed summary of the key elements any home buyer needs to be aware of before they go sale agreed. 

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