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Buying a Home and Planning to Work Remote?

Here are some of our Working-From-Home Tips for Home Hunters!

More and more companies these days are offering remote work as an option, giving you the flexibility to work from anywhere in the country with the occasional visit to the office every month or so, or even not at all as some companies have gone 100% remote.

Jobs such as these can help expand your options when it comes to buying a home so here are some tips for those remote workers looking to buy a house.

Consider the pros and cons of your remote workplace.

The biggest pro for most people is the lack of commute. Getting back an hour or two per day gives you back more time which you can use for anything you want. Even if for you that is rolling out of bed 5 minutes before you are due to start work and still be on time!

The dress code is entirely up to you, you can wear whatever makes you comfortable unless you have plenty of zoom calls in which case your upper and lower halves might be completely different styles and I know plenty of people who have been rocking the business shirt/shorts combo over the last few years!

The cons can also be numerous, in a busy household there can be a lot of distractions and while many companies provide your work equipment, maybe even a table and chair, it is up to you to set up your own space to work, so it's worth considering getting that extra bedroom to turn into your own office and have the space you need to relax and work in peace.

Set up your home office to be efficient and productive.

If you're going to set up a home office, it's important to make sure the house you're considering has what you need, as well as what you can add to make it more comfortable. That means getting a good chair and desk, maybe some soundproofing, and even considering better lighting! Go through your potential workspace with this checklist in mind:

  • Is my workspace quiet? Does it need some soundproofing?

  • Is the temperature comfortable? Do I need anything else besides heating? Maybe an air purifier?

  • Do I have enough light for working on tasks throughout the day without straining my eyes?

  • Am I sitting at a proper ergonomic setup so as to avoid future back problems? Maybe I should get a standing desk?

  • Is there easy access to Wi-Fi or an ethernet port? This brings me to my next point...

Make sure your area offers high-speed internet.

This is not just a matter of convenience; a reliable connection is essential for remote workers. If your home office doesn't have fast, stable internet, you could be stuck working from a local co-working space, like Sean (a different Sean!) from an earlier blog, and paying for their services each time you do so.

You'll need fast, reliable Wi-Fi that won't cut out when someone else in your house decides to stream Netflix or play games online, so checking what providers are in the area and the speeds they offer your home is a necessity.

Consider what the local area has to offer.

If you prefer leaving the house for your entertainment it is worth checking what the area you are considering has to offer, from local parks, pubs, and clubs, to restaurants and cafes.

You’ll also want to consider what the family needs too, whether you currently have one or plan to, checking beforehand what services are available nearby for them is a must. What are the local schools like? And are there local dentists and doctors with reasonable driving range? These are all valid points to consider, even when working remotely, to help give you some piece of mind.


We hope these tips will help you find your dream home. Working remotely is a very rewarding lifestyle that can bring many benefits to your personal and professional life. However, it also requires some adjustments at first before it becomes second nature! And if you’ve found a place that you think could make a great place to work and live, using Home Hunter Report can help you make that decision.

Home Hunter Report pulls information from over 15 different sources and puts it all into one document, making property research easier than ever! This includes local maps and distances to local amenities, as well as a list of Broadband service providers! In fact, it saves the average person up to 10 hours of research.

It's designed to help you buy with confidence, knowing that the property and area meet the needs of you and your family.

Get your Home Hunter Report by going to and entering the Eircode of the property for sale.

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