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Researching a Property: Checking Mobile Network Coverage

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

Mobile phone coverage is something which surprises a lot of people when they move to a new property. Some people remember to have a quick look at their phone while viewing, but there’s a better way to get a view of the coverage across all networks.

Home Hunter Report pulls in the latest coverage maps from ComReg to give you an idea of the level of coverage you’ll have. In most cases, you’ll probably be fine, but if your network has weak coverage you may have to be open to moving network after you move in, depending on data calls through your wifi or even getting in a landline.

So if you are a Salesperson and your commission depends on you having a good phone signal or if you just need to keep in close touch with family, then checking mobile phone coverage and ensuring you know your options is vital!

Example 1: Donegal House

In this example, a couple of networks have good or fair coverage, but some have Fringe. If you were on one of these networks with Fringe coverage it would be difficult to rely on your mobile and may need to consider changing network.

Mobile Network Coverage of a Property in Donegal

Example 2: Tallaght, Dublin House

In this example, all networks are Very Good or Good apart from Vodafone which is Fair/Fringe. This highlights that even in Dublin, some networks can have blind spots.

Mobile Network Coverage of a Property in Tallaght

Mobile Network Coverage is part of all Home Hunter Reports and will arm you with the information you need to buy with confidence. Go to now and enter the Eircode of the property to get your report.

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