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Property Research Made Easy!

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Researching properties in Ireland is time consuming and hard! It can take hours and hours to look up every website you need to find everything from recent sales in the area, to broadband speeds, local transport links and everything else you need before you can decide if the home is right for you or not.

We've been on that journey ourselves and felt that pain. So we built the Home Hunter Report to take the pain and stress out of property research. In just a few minutes, we'll compile 20+ page report with everything you need to know about the property. Is it Leasehold? Is it in a high Radon risk area? Has it been sold multiple times recently? Does the are have good mobile phone coverage? Whats the local property tax rates? And much, much more...

The Home Hunter Report will save you 8-10 hours of research and compile all the information into one handy report which you'll be able to keep, bring with you to viewings or even just review over a cup of tea with your partner.

The report is perfect for anyone on the house buying journey, but in particular for properties you are considering viewing.

Home Hunter Report

Property Research Made Easy!

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