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What is a BER (Building Energy Rating)?

Building Energy Rating (BER) is a standard system for measuring the energy performance of buildings in Ireland. The BER is expressed as a grade on a scale of A to G, with A being the most energy efficient and G the least.

The BER is calculated using a standard methodology that takes into account the energy used for heating, lighting, and hot water in the building, as well as the efficiency of the building's insulation and heating system. The BER is then used to produce an Advisory Report, which provides recommendations on how to improve the energy efficiency of the building.

The BER is an important tool for building owners and occupants, as it provides a clear and easily understandable measure of a building's energy performance. It is also used by the government to track the energy performance of buildings across the country and to develop policies and incentives to encourage the construction of more energy-efficient buildings.

To get a BER for your building, you will need to have a BER assessment carried out by a qualified assessor. The assessor will visit your building to collect information on its construction, heating system, and energy usage, and will use this information to calculate the BER. The assessment typically takes around two hours to complete, and the results are valid for 10 years.

If your building has a BER of D or lower, you are required by law to display the BER certificate in a prominent location, such as near the front door or in the entrance hall. This is to inform potential buyers or tenants of the building's energy performance and to encourage the building owner to take steps to improve it.

Overall, the BER is an important tool for measuring and improving the energy performance of buildings in Ireland. By getting a BER for your building, you can understand its energy performance, identify opportunities for improvement, and take steps to make your building more energy efficient.

In Ireland when you are selling a property, you must provide a valid BER certificate to anyone who is interested in buying the property. This means as buyers, you have an opportunity to estimate how much your energy costs in the new home will be.

When you get a Home Hunter Report, we give you a breakdown of the properties BER along with the estimated bills so that you do not get any nasty surprises when you move in.

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